FAQ: Final Grades and Grade Detail

When will I be able to see my final grades in mySAIT.ca?

Final marks must be submitted to the Registrar by the end of the third business day following the last day of classes of the academic term.
Grading and Progression Procedure AC.3.1.1 (.pdf)

The end of the spring term is August 14, 2015 (for 15-week classes). Grades should be available in mySAIT by Thursday, August 20.

If you are unable to see your grade in mySAIT by August 20, contact your instructor to see when your grade will be entered.

Note: If your class end date is later than August 14, please allow three business days for your instructor to enter your grade.

I can't view my grades because I can't see the Spring 2015 term in the drop-down menu.

Your instructor has the option of entering your quizzes, assignments, project and exam marks in mySAIT.ca. If they decide not to enter in your marks along the way, you will not see the current term in the drop-down menu until the Final Grade has been entered.

As soon as there are marks for you to see, the current term will become available as an option.

I can't access the current term to check my Grade Detail but my classmate can.

Not all SAIT courses will have Grade Detail to view in mySAIT.

Your instructors have the option of entering your quizzes, assignments, project and exam marks in mySAIT.ca. If they decide not to enter in your marks along the way, you will not see the current term in the drop down menu until the Final Grade has been entered. As soon as there are marks for you to see, the current term will become available as an option.

If one of your classmates can access Grade Detail but you can't, it is likely because they have at least one class with a different instructor than you, and that instructor decided to use Grade Detail. This is why they can access the term but you are currently unable to.


Jim and Jane are both taking the ACCT-123 class at SAIT and they have the same instructor. They are also both taking ACCT-456 but they each have a different instructor. Jim is able to see the term and open his Grade Detail but Jane is not. This is because Jim's ACCT-345 instructor entered Grade Detail but Jane's ACCT-345 instructor did not.

Note: Jim will be able to see the ACCT-123 course listed under Grade Detail but he will not be able to view any information because no Grade Detail has been recorded for ACCT-123.


I'm getting the error message "Your access has been disabled" when I try to view my grades.

If you are seeing this error message when you are trying to view your grades, you may have a Hold on your account. If you have any type of hold on your account (tuition, library, etc.) you will not be able to view your marks until the hold has been removed.

If you do not have a Hold, this portion of your mySAIT.ca account may have been disabled.

Please contact Student Services at:
Phone: 403.284.7248 or toll-free 1.877.284.7248
Email: advising@sait.ca

How do I check whether I'm eligible to graduate?

WebCAPP is a tool that allows you to check your graduation status by running a compliance audit on line. The results will show you what courses have been used and/or not used and what courses are missing for graduation purposes.

If you are interested in completing a different program, you can also do the ‘What-if Analysis’ to see your standing.

Please check out this PowerPoint Presentation on how to navigate WebCAPP.

For quick access to WebCAPP, please go to myStudent, Student Records and click on Degree Evaluation.

Any questions? Please check out the FAQ to see if the answer is there!

If you have a question that is not addresses by the FAQ's, please forward it to WebCAPP@sait.ca.


What is the SAIT grading scale? What percentage is my letter grade?
Percentage Grade Letter Grade Grade Points
90-100 A+ 4.0
85-89 A 4.0
80-84 A- 3.7
77-79 B+ 3.3
73-76 B 3.0
70-72 B- 2.7
67-69 C+ 2.3
63-66 C 2.0
60-62 C- 1.7
55-59 D+ 1.3
50-54 D 1.0 Minimal Pass
0-49 F 0.0


Grade Appeal: How do I appeal my final grade?

Informal Appeals
Informal appeals must be made to the instructor concerned first. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may continue the informal appeal to the academic chair or equivalent before proceeding with a formal grade appeal to the dean.

Formal Appeals
If you are not satisfied with outcome of the informal appeal, you may apply for a formal review of the grade by the dean of the School or department offering the program.

Formal appeals must be submitted in writing to the Registrar/Director, Student Services Department within 30 calendar days of the end of the course; or in the case of apprenticeship, 10 days after receipt of marks.

Formal appeals are to be submitted using the Formal Grade Appeal form, and accompanied by a payment of *$100 for each grade appealed. Please provide sufficient rationale and supporting documentation with your appeal.
*Fee subject to change

This fee will be refunded only if the appeal is awarded in favour of the appellant.

Please note: Students who are eligible and accept the method to remedy a course deficiency are not eligible to appeal the original grade.

For additional information, please refer to SAIT Policy and Procedures:
Grading and Progression Procedure AC.3.1.1

How do I access my unofficial transcript?

Unofficial transcripts are available online by logging into mySAIT.ca with your nine-digit student ID number and your Password (PIN). Select the myStudent tab, then Student Records and then Academic Transcript.


How do I order an official transcript?

A transcript is a complete and unabridged academic record of achievement at SAIT. Transcripts will be mailed directly to the institution or agency requested. Student records are confidential; therefore, transcripts will only be issued on written authority of the student.

A fee of $10  is charged for each copy of the transcript. Payment must accompany the transcript request.

Order your official transcript through mySAIT

If you attended classes at SAIT after 1995, you have the option to order your official transcript through mySAIT.

Simply login, click on the myStudent tab, then select Student Records.

If you attended classes at SAIT before 1995, please complete a Transcript Request form (.pdf file) and forward it to Student Services.

Sending your transcript to an Alberta post-secondary school?

Please request your transcript through ApplyAlberta. Your SAIT transcripts will be issued free of charge to any participating Alberta post-secondary schools (see Apply Alberta for a list of participating institutions). 

Are you ordering your apprentice transcript?

If so, please contact  the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board as they issue apprentice transcripts.

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